UXD Team


overview -

One of the smallest teams at FactSet was the User Experience Design team - because of this there was a lot of confusion over who our team was and what we did. In order to enhance our presence and educate the other teams we decided to create a unified brand identity. See the full brand presentation here.

the problem -

The current User Experience Design team lacked any sort of branding - as the lead visual designer on the project I was tasked with creating a visual system that could be applied to all of our teams deliverables as well as educational / team promotional items.

the goal -

The User Experience Design team was made up of three separate design teams: Interaction Design, Visual Design, and User Research Design. As such I wanted to come up with a system that was unique yet cohesive across the three teams.

logo and colors

This is the primary mark for the User Experience Design team. The concept is based on the idea that UXD is made up of three separate parts / design phases and all of these separate parts come together to form a unified team.

Three distinct colors were chosen - one to represent each part of the team. These colors are sequential in that purple transitions seamlessly into blue while blue seamlessly transitions into green.

logo system

This is how the mark is to be used with its accompanying logotype. The typeface Sailec was chosen for its modern feel and its subtle rounded forms lend to a friendly and welcoming feel.

Each portion of the User Experience Design team will be branded with a unique color / logo. The colors were chosen based on the order of our design process and its corresponding place in the mark.

logo construction

The concept for the logo is based on the idea that UXD is made up of three separate parts / design phases and all of these separate parts come together to form a unified team.

a. Three Teams: the primary concept behind the logo is the idea of three distinct shapes forming one.
b. Data Visualization: the forms inside the shape were meant to represent line charts.
c. Software Development Process: The form of mark was done to indicate the step-by-step cycle that the software development process works in.


In designing the posters I wanted to emphasize the idea that the design process is fluid and cyclical. In order to do this I created color coded wave-like forms that hint at the idea of movement and connection between the different teams. The poster above was one that was done for the User Research team; the concept behind it is that they conducted user testing on "love" as a UI element. The copy of the poster represents their findings in the form of recommendations, NPS and SUS scores.

powerpoint template

One key deliverable in unifying the teams that made up UXD was the PowerPoint templates. When research, interaction, and visual design would deliver their presentations there was no quick way to identify which presentation was which so I wanted to create a system that would allow you to be able to scan the PPT thumbnails and immediately know which team provided the document.