Mobile App

overview -

The current offering for the FactSet mobile news application was in need of a redesign so this project was picked up for concept purposes only and was intended to be tested and referenced for future redesign consideration.

the problem -

The current offering for the mobile news app (image on the left) was simply a ported over version of its desktop counterpart - it was not optimized for mobile as the desktop version was not designed with mobile considerations in mind. The visual design was dated and even though we didn't have resources to reengineer it I decided to work on a redesign concept for the app in my free time. Research was conducted on the current offering and found that people struggled to filter / customise their news feed so that was the primary issue that I wanted to address.

the goal -

Address the dated visual designs while also considering issues with the current app such as hit point sizes and mobile first workflows.

the solution -

Users of the news app relied heavily on filtering so this was the first feature that I wanted to bring to the front. It is common for the user to want to change the date range of the news as well as the ticker and news source so these were placed in a filters panel that expands up from the bottom of the app which allows the user to adjust their filters watch how they affect their results as they happen.