Misc. Illustrations

Some fun stuff

overview -

Illustration is always something that I have enjoyed doing. Below are a few things I have recently worked on.

daily grind -

A logo I made as an exersize for a coffee shop in Savannah. The key demographic was working professionals so the logo is a combination of an office chair and a coffee cup.

biographical -

A series of icons I designed for the biography portion of a friends portfolio.

sdlc -

Icons / illustrations done for a poster to explain the software development life cycle.

uxd infographic -

Illustration for a t-shirt explaining what UXD team does

new orleans -

Illustration of New Orleans that was done for a wedding invite.

summer -

Some icons / illustrations that I did as a concept for a summer promotion. The promotion was "Get a grip on summer" so I wanted the icons to be representative of things that would be "gripped."