Mobile App

overview -

The FactSet mobile application provides financial information and analytical applications to global buy and sell-side professionals, including portfolio managers, market research and performance analysts, risk managers, sell-side equity researchers, investment bankers, and fixed income professionals.

the problem -

The current mobile offering was found to have several pain points for users - many of which were easily addressed through visual design. A large portion of the users were overwhelmed by the amount of information on the screen and found that it lacked any sort of hierarchy.

the goal -

Create a better visual hierarchy to better suit the needs of a mobile first user workflow. Buy side and sell side professionals work in a notoriously fast paced environment - the main goal of this redesign was to allow them to be able to quickly glance at the application and come away with an understanding of how their investments were performing.

the solution -

The previous mobile offering provided the user with access to trend charts for each market. These charts were crucial for users because it allowed them to make educated decisions so they can trade and profit from the general direction of the trend. Unfortunately, the current mobile offering required several taps to switch the time period of the trend. This was a common workflow as trends can often be misleading when they are viewed over a short timeframe. To address this a carousel type control was used which allowed the user to quickly change between up to five different time periods or groupings of tickers.

Similarly the charts that were being offered were not optimized for a mobile experience. At a glance all of the charts looked the same - white background with black trendiness on top of unnecessary gridlines that added little valued and contributed only visual noise. In order to remedy this the bars of the chart were color coded according to its trend - a trend that goes from neutral / no change to positive would be blue (the FactSet brand color) to green; a trend towards the negative would receive a red background color. This allowed the user to be able to quickly interpret the data.

Probably the largest visual issue that needed addressing was the hierarchy. Buy and sell side clients prefer having as much information on the screen as possible. At any given time the user will need to be looking a table that has 10 rows and 15 columns. To address the dense nature of the data the color coding trend was carried over to the tables and a versatile typeface was chosen in order to give flexibility over weight.